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PDF edition available now 
Pre-order 2nd printing now!

PDF edition available now 
Pre-order 2nd printing now!
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Updates for Xcrawl – Maximum Xcrawl is in the final stages of production, with the exclusive swimsuit edition shipping from the printer this week! We will soon begin processing Kickstarter shipments, also including the add-on modules Studio City Crawl and Dungeon Detonation. Now is a good time to start preparing for an Xcrawl campaign – and we’ve posted the pregens used in our Gen Con tournament if you need some characters to get started with immediately!

Metamorphosis Alpha Product Page – Our Metamorphosis Alpha product page is now live! Check out all the products coming out alongside our deluxe hardcover edition of the world’s first sci-fi RPG!

Upcoming Conventions – Goodman Games authors, artists, and products will be at several upcoming conventions! Visit us at these upcoming events:

  • Con on the Cob (Oct. 16-19, Hudson, OH) with Doug Kovacs (and a special custom con bookmark!)
  • Gamehole Con (Nov. 7-9, Madison, WI) with Doug Kovacs, Brendan LaSalle, and Michael Curtis
  • TsunamiCon (Nov. 7-9, Wichita, KS) 
  • MEPACon (Nov. 14-16, Clark Summit, PA) with Brendan LaSalle
  • U-Con (Nov. 14-16, Ann Arbor, MI) with Doug Kovacs and Jim Wampler
  • Post-Apocalypticon (Nov. 15-16, Cleveland, TN) with Dieter Zimmerman
Gen Con Announcements: Gen Con gave us a chance to announce several exciting new projects! If you missed our What’s New With Goodman Games seminar, then you may not have heard about these exciting new projects! 

Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection

Judges Guild Collector’s Edition

DCC RPG: Hugh’s Weird Dice

DCC RPG: Shana’s Weird Dice

Watch the What’s New With Goodman Games seminar to see all the announcements, including special guests!

Previous Updates

October 10 - 5E back for a second printing – Our first two Fifth Edition Fantasy modules were very well received at Gen Con – so well that they sold out! We’ve just ordered the second printing, complete with edits based on a review of the recently-released Monster Manual. The changes are minor but do bring the book in line with the latest 5E standards. Prior purchasers should have received a free PDF update with the latest revisions. Be sure to pre-order the second printings of Fifth Edition Fantasy #1: Glitterdoom and Fifth Edition Fantasy #2: The Fey Sisters’ Fate!

October 7 - Missed a Kickstarter? Pre-Order Now – Over the last several months we have had several amazing Kickstarters! Through your help, we’ve funded Metamorphosis Alpha, Maximum Xcrawl, Age of Cthulhu 8: Starfall Over the Plateau of Leng, DCC #83: The Chained Coffin, and DCC #84: Peril on the Purple Planet. If you missed any of these Kickstarters, now is your chance to make it up. Visit our online store to pre-order these titles now!

October 3 - Brendan Lasalle at Necronomicon – If you’re in the Tampa, FL area make sure to visit Necronomicon this weekend! Xcrawl creator Brendan Lasalle will be on site running sessions of both Xcrawl and DCC RPG!

September 22 - Out of Print – We have to thank all the fans for making 2014 a phenomenal year for DCC RPG! Over the last several weeks, several titles have sold out. The following books are now out of print in our warehouse: DCC RPG “Wizard cover,”DCC RPG “Jeff Easley cover,” DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea, DCC #77: The Croaking Fane, and DCC #79: Frozen in Time. You may still be able to find a copy at a convention or your local retailer, and a second printing of the modules is coming soon. Note: If you ordered any of these items as an add-on for a Kickstarter, we have a copy set aside for you from before they went out of print!

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