Actual play podcast / Stonehell

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Actual play podcast / Stonehell

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Over at we're posting an edited podcast of our DCC campaign. We're on episode 12 and the party has just arrived at Stonehell dungeon. Over on the Discord, I'm learning that this location is actually a popular dungeon to convert for DCC, even though author Many Michael Curtis is on record as saying he thinks megadungeons aren't a good fit for DCC. 🤷‍♂️
Anyway I'd love to hear from other Judges who have used Stonehell, or get people's reaction in general to the podcast so far.
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Re: Actual play podcast / Stonehell

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I've been running a PbP campaign on Discord with my old college buddies. We started off with some one-shot adventures with hooks leading from one to the next, did some wilderness and seafaring, etc. It's been going for about eighteen months, now (though slowly, as it's PbP), and the world keeps building. NPCs, plot points, etc. from various early one-shots are still driving the characters' motivations to some extent... and recently (three months ago) brought us to (mostly) Stonehell (I've modified it, included bits of Castle Whiterock, added some of my own stuff including making up what waits at the bottom, though I've tried to preserve a cohesive ecology). My friends are having a hard time with it. I think it's largely because PbP slows things down so much, but they find it relatively confusing to keep the relationships between different factions, etc. straight in their heads, especially when there are seemingly unconnected detours like the Out of Time Mine (though I have this connected to a subquest of my own devising from two or three floors up, not part of Stonehell as written). They're sticking with it, but the near-universal consensus is that they're happier with smaller, more self-contained dungeons that piece the larger story together slowly rather than being in a megadungeon with no clear end in sight. Again, though, I wonder how much of this comes down to it being PbP.
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