Conversion "The Red Prophet Rises"

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Conversion "The Red Prophet Rises"

Post by CapnZapp »

(Hope this is in a suitable forum)

These are my conversion notes of the level 3-5 module "The Red Prophet Rises" by Malrek and the Prince of Nothing, from the original "For Gold & Glory" ruleset, to my 8th printing of Dungeon Crawl Classics. On first blush, there's a heck of a lot to convert. DCC really makes you realize how bloated most other games are with needless statistics... My players have reached level 2 which should be right if we simply halve levels. There are five players each with two heroes and one or two "torchbearers" (fully statted PCs that simply are assumed to "be around" but not take active action; these don't get XP unless the player shares from one of his two main heroes). If you run with one PC/player you should probably wait until they're level 3...

Monsters stats are mostly straight-forward. I don't have THAT much DCC expertise, but I gather it is quite okay to have many enemies as basically level 0 foes. I have converted lesser NPC spellcasting into simpler non-spell abilities per the Men & Magicians chapter. I simply ditch every "boring" magic sword (+1 swords, +2 swords etc) with no interesting quirk, replacing it with nothing more than a "quality sword".

Feedback and pointers where I went wrong are very welcome. I want to learn! :)

PS. This is a very swordy and sorcerous module, with very clear ties to the original Conan movie. Check out this thread where I explain my campaign setting's themes if you have questions such as why I mention NPC gender; this post actually started out in that thread before I realized how big it would become: ... 78&t=49373
PPS. Work in progress. (I'll try to remember to go back and delete this PPS once the entire conversion is done)
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Re: Conversion "The Red Prophet Rises"

Post by CapnZapp »

Cultists: Feral, covered in self-inflicted wounds, these men and women gibber and shriek as they throw themselves onto your swords.
AC 10, Usually naked or shredded clothing.
hp 4. +0 to everything
Males use shortswords (1d6), females use cruel daggers (1d4)

Guards: Proud, with eyes made hard by killing. They jeer and curse at you as they advance. Should you fall, you know your
death will not be quick.
AC 12, blood-spattered hide or leather armor
hp 8. +2 to everything
All guards are equipped with a dagger (1d4) and shortbow (1d6).
They also have a Spear (1d8+2) or a Battle-Axe (1d8+2)

Acolytes: Wear tattered robes embroidered with the hideous visage of the Bull God. Together with their shaven heads, a flowing network of scar tissue from hundreds of self-inflicted cuts gives these men and women an almost inhuman aspect.
AC 11, crimson robes
hp 6, +1 to everything
SP Cause Fear (1/turn): DC 11 Will Save or cannot approach acolyte, new save each round)
SP Spear of Blood (1/day, cast on fresh corpse of Bull God follower, creates a javelin from blood - next round the acolyte throws it (+5) for double dmg 1d6x2).
Dagger (1d4+1)

Priests: Higher in the hierarchy, these men wear more tattered and bloody robes, but with leather armor underneath. They approach you with grim determination, sending their subordinates to blunt your weapons first.
AC 13, crimson robes
hp 12, +3 to everything
A Priest knows the Acolyte's spells (DC 13) plus
SP Sanguine Castigation (1/turn): A sudden surge of blood erupts from the target's orifices, causing 1d8 damage and blinding him for one round (DC 13 Fort save for half damage and no blindness)
SP The Quickening (1/day, When wounded, the priest emits a hideous shriek, blood running from his eyes and mouth. This transforms him into a prayer-shrieking berserker with two attacks. No further spells are cast)
Blood-thirsty dagger (as shortsword, 1d6+3)

Berserkers: The brazen image of the Bull God covers all of their face but unblinking, bloodshot eyes with pupils the size of pinpricks. The helmets transform their battle cries into metallic, inhuman roars.
Init 1d16, +4 to everything, no morale checks, never retreats
AC 10; hp 20; this berserker wears nothing but his helmet as if to say his skill and belief in his God makes armor unneccessary.
AC 12; hp 15; this berserker wear select gladiator-style armor pieces.
AC 14; hp 10; this berserker is younger and hides his lack of battle experience behind thick layers of sweaty armor.
Equipped with horned helmet, bull’s horn (bellows warnings), and a two-handed sword or axe (1d10+4).

War Dog: Init +3; +2 to everything; bite (1d4+1); AC 12; hp 6, speed 40.

Luvag: An emaciated ghoul of a man, his shifty eyes betray cunning, ambition and cowardice in equal measure. His unkept hair is clotted with the blood of a hundred sacrifices and his teeth have been filed to needle points. He is obsessed with revenge on the Red Prophet and his every waking moment is filled with thoughts of betrayal. He conspires in secret, sowing doubts, eroding loyalty, gathering supporters for when the time is right. He does anything to overthrow the Red Prophet, even if it means working with outsiders.
AC 15 necklace of shrunken heads
hp 34
Actions 1d20 plus 1d16 (bite)
SP Lay on Hands (3/day): fully heals target
SP Wyvern Watch (1/day): creates a haze vaguely resembling a wyvern (DC 10/15/20 to spot in bright/dim/no light). Each creature entering the area must make a DC 14 Will save (make the check secretly if the haze isn't spotted) or become paralyzed for 1d6 turns. At the end of a round where one or more creatures are paralyzed Luvag is mentally alerted and the spell ends. Spell otherwise lasts for one day.
SP Flame Blade (1/turn): cast on ally's slashing weapon to grant its wielder a Fire Deed die (deed damage is fire and accomplishes fire-based deeds). Size of deed die half that of weapon die (so a d8 longsword gains a d4 deed die etc)
SP Cause Fear (1/turn): targets 3 characters, DC 14 Will save or cannot approach Luvag, new save each round)
SP Sanguine Castigation (1/turn): targets 3 characters, sudden surge of blood erupts from the target's orifices, causing 1d8 damage and blinding them until they save (DC 14 Fort save at start of each round)
SP Heat Metal (1/round): targets weapon or armor of 3 characters; a dagger or sword becomes unbearably hot (1 damage plus DC 14 Will save, on failure you drop weapon and don't want to retrieve it for one minute). Metal armor becomes unbearably hot (1d4 damage, no save).
Flaming Scimitar: when cornered, draws weapon and attacks, casting one last bonus Flame Blade spell as part of that action. +3+d3 deed for 1d6 plus fire deed damage.
Bonus Bite each round in melee: 1d16+3 for 1d3 damage

Items: necklace of five shrunken heads each with a pair of gem-inlaid eye-sockets (AC 15 fixed, 10x50 gp, for every gem removed 50% risk of permanent -1 AC)

Khazra the Red Prophet:
An exotic man of almost godlike physicality, exuding both terrible bone-crushing strength and a feline grace. His eyes are deep waters in which men drown. His voice is penetrating, hypnotic and strangely cultured. He is either from a faraway continent, a different time or another world altogether. His skin is inked with dead tongues and incomprehensible curses. He cares nothing for the lives of his new people and would sacrifice them all to attain the Crimson Paradise. Though he is by no means a coward, Khazra prefers to let his followers do the fighting.
AC 16
hp 40,
SP Pyrotechnics (3/turn): create impressive and flashy displays of fireworks. In combat, this can be used to dazzle everybody in a 20 ft radius (DC 16 Reflex save or -1 to attacks and AC for 1 minute) or create a smoke cloud to cover Khazra's retreat.
SP Charm Person (3/turn): Khazra can only target male characters, and can only target a given creature once per minute. Target must make a DC 16 Will Save or become unwilling to cause harm to Khazra for one turn. If Khazra casts this spell a second time at a target still under the influence of the first casting, the spell has the full effects of Charm Person (per casting check 18, page 131).
SP Serpentine Conjuration (3/turn): cast on willing ally (such as Cultists). A viper made out of blood erupts from the target (killing it) in a putrescent explosion, leaping at the target (15 ft reach). When conjured and each round thereafter, it makes one bite attack at +8 for 1d4 damage. Each point of viper damage gives target a -1 penalty to all actions (cumulative) due to burning pain for 1 minute. Characters may attempt a DC 10 Will Save at the start of each round (don't forget to apply the penalty!) to ignore the pain penalty for that round only. The viper has AC 14 but only 2 hp.
SP Blood Puppet (1/turn): Target must make a Fortitude DC 16 Save or blood pours out of him to create a Blood Puppet under Khazra's control. Puppet is identical to target except can only fight in melee and is at -2. Target is also at -2 due to blood loss. Neither target nor puppet can attack the other (both need to seek out other foes). Spell ends when puppet or target is killed.
SP Insect Swarm (1/turn): summons an insect swarm (DCC rulebook page 419)
If cornered, makes two attacks at +8 with Veindrinker for 1d8+3 hp and Stamina damage.

Items: Veindrinker, Cloak of the Dauntless, 20 pp, 50 gp, small emerald set in serrated butcher knife (120 gp).

Veindrinker: head of this cruelly serrated +2 battle-axe is shaped like a dragon breathing flame, with the edge of the flame serving as the axe blade. Damage is both to hit points and Stamina. Unless Veindrinker drinks the blood of a willing human sacrifice each day, it is reduced to an ordinary battle-axe of great craftmanship. If Veindrinker is denied this sacrifice for 2d30 days, it starts forcing its owner to make a DC 10 Will Save each day to not "willingly" sacrifice himself. This continues until it gets its willing sacrifice one way or the other.
Cloak of the Dauntless: An elaborate garment of ancient bone, gold and scarlet silk, woven by blinded mystics to put iron in the hearts of the degenerate mongrel emperors of long-lost Ki-Tai. Two gilded auroch horns protrude from the shoulders of this majestic garment, projecting dread into the hearts of the wearer’s enemies. The Cloak of the Dauntless renders the wearer immune to fear and fearlike effects. Once per day, by invoking the power of the cloak in the ancient language of Ki-Tai, the wearer may intimidate one target for one minute (no save), giving him a -2 on all attack rolls directed against the wearer.

Conversion notes: I've tried to simplify, considering how many stat blocks there are. No large selection of weapons (with slightly different damage expressions!) that just cause clutter. Cultists are simply fodder. Both for PC heroes and NPC casters! Acolytes need to be taken out before they can throw their Spears of Blood. Note how this spell in the original ruleset could be used to permakill a fallen PC - I've plugged that glitch. Quickened Priests stop using dangerous spells. Berserkers come in three distinct varieties depending on armor (inspired by how Picts and other savages fought naked). For Khazra I am taking the description "His eyes are deep waters in which men drown" literally (=women are immune). Note how I try to avoid actual spells that require slow lookup when I can make the core idea come across much simpler. Luvag is described to have needle points for teeth - obviously he needs to scare the players with a bonus bite attack! (No, he is not a vampire) I combined Luvag's Bracers of Defense with his treasure - not only does this avoid "stock items" it also presents the conundrum "sell or keep?" (It gives a fixed AC, AD&D-style, not an AC bonus - incredibly useful to characters with negative Agility. OTOH 500 gold allows you to carouse for weeks! And you can both eat and have your cake, at least if you're incredibly lucky!) Veindrinker is truly awesome, which of course means I need to make it so evil that heroes hesitate to keep it ;) Cloak of Dauntless is something as rare as a D&D item whose effect is so simple and to the point it can be used as-is!
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Re: Conversion "The Red Prophet Rises"

Post by CapnZapp »

Just to pop by to say: I will complete the conversion notes, just not done yet. :)

Crimson Tear fumes (DC 10 Fortitude Save. Success unaffected; failure make DC 10 Will Save. Success means you become dazed for one hour; roll DC 8 Will Save or be surprised at the start of any combat. Failure means you become euphoric for one hour. Make DC 8 Will save each time you are presented with temptation or you give in for at least one turn)

Probably the easiest way to run euphoric characters is to first make the save (each time you enter a new room, meet a new person, etc) and only then ask yourself "are there anything here that tempts my character". Each time you make the save, play just continues. Rather than the opposite, that is (first asking the Judge - repeatedly - whether there's any food, wine, women, singing & dancing, or whatever). This way you minimize focus up until the point the character fails the save, at which point it's probably best to just drop that character from the narrative for a few turns (assuming there are enough characters left to proceed, of course).

Init 1d16, +4 to everything, AC 14, 30 hp, charge 2x1d6+4, Grisly imbalanced greataxe +4 for 1d10+4 damage

Amulet of the Bull: This bull-headed brass amulet twists the moral outlook of the wearer within 1 week. After this time, you sincerely believe in primitive and brutal beliefs, such as "if you are strong, you should simply be able to take what you want; if you are weak, all you are good for is as blood sacrifices to the victors" and "the role of men is to slaughter your foes, the role of women is to breed new warriors". The alignment of the wearer thus shifts to Chaotic permanently. The amulet is detected as unholy if checked by most clerics, except those devoted to the Bull God.

When you call upon the amulet's powers, you make a Red Skeleton erupt from a nearby foe you have defeated, killing that foe instantly if still alive. This is a Minotaur skeleton with eyes glowing a dull red, dripping with blood and gore, except its power is limited by the creature it was created from. Your consciousness enters this Red Skeleton, and you act as if possessing it. You understand what your friends are saying even if you are incapable of speech yourself. You have -1d on any action that does not bring glory to the Bull God. Your normal self will appear as if in a trance and remain motionless and helpless while the skeleton is active.

If you (as the Red Skeleton) touch the amulet (on your original body), the effect ends immediately: the skeleton falls apart and you regain consciousness. The amulet can then be used again tomorrow. If you (as the Red Skeleton) are killed or turned, the effect also ends immediately with the difference that the amulet cannot be used for a week.

Red Skeleton: your initiative + d16; Attack by weapon with your attack and damage modifier; Bonus attack: your attack modifier + d16 melee (1d6 plus your damage modifier, double damage on a charge); AC 9; HD a number of d12 (HD and hit points equal to the lowest hp of you and the foe you created the Red Skeleton from); MV 30’; Act 1d20 plus bonus gore attack 1d16; SP turned as un-dead, do not breathe, speak, eat, or sleep; life sense 50’, infravision 100’, half damage from piercing and slashing weapons; SV your saves; AL C.

Corvey’s Feather (in 8​). Can be used once per night to create a fluffy colorful bed. People lying in this bed become highly suggestible, acting as if charmed.

Red Kravak Statue animates with a shriek of animalistic ferocity. It wields twin handaxes, one glowing with red baleful energy.
+3 to everything, AC 17 vs slashing/piercing/fire/electricity AC 13 vs blunt/cold, 22 hp, 2 attacks +3 for 1d6+3. This damage cannot be magically healed!
Handaxe of Wounding is a normal handaxe except dull red glow, damage can only be healed naturally.

Gourd of the Old Blood. Make a DC 10 Fortitude save to drink the entire contents (or spend one minute violently puking). If you manage it, you become fully healed, and can work up a berserker rage at any time during the day. While raging, you gain bonus damage equal to your level, you get a penalty to AC equal to your level, take half damage, and take only actions that bring you into melee combat with enemies. You may spend your action to attempt a DC 12 Will save to break off your rage, failure you cannot retry for 1d6 rounds. The gourd is recharged by sacrificing a human, filling it with blood.

This one is an enigma. His immaculate white robes never grow filthy even in the caverns. His eyes are empty, his face bland, his smile reptilian, but he knows the hearts of men and can play a crowd like an extension of himself. His illusions are always subtly bland or off, as though part of the world is simply dead to him. His heartbeat quickens when the air fills with blood, though faith is alien to him.
Anchor, length of reddish iron chain, chained victim becomes pliable by holder (as per Charm Person) if allowed to kill a sentient humanoid once/day.
+2 to everything except magic, AC 11, 17 hp
SP Serpent's Fang, a +1 Dagger. +3 for 1d4 damage plus burning pain poison (DC 10 Will save or target spends next action rending and biting its own flesh to get rid of the pain, for at least 1d4 damage plus must roll again next round)
SP Mystical Mask: Taskmaster's face looks like each assailant. Make a Luck check or your melee or missile attack is redirected back at yourself.
SP Serpent Mask (1/day): Anyone looking at Taskmaster must make a Will save (DC = d20+6) or fall into a daze (-2d initiative, move or act) where you do non-suicidal tasks suggested by the Taskmaster.

Jade Idol of The Bhazir (in 22). Wrapped in a piece of purple silk (10 gp) is the jade idol (100 gp) of a bloated female humanoid with a serpent head and long neck. Take note of how the player handles the idol. If the player is wary or uneasy, the idol is cold to the touch (-1 modifier to Luck checks). If the player is curious and open, it bites the hand. This poison has two effects: you become euphoric and pliable (reduce DC by 1 for social checks to persuade you) but also insensitive to pain (reduce each wound by 1d6 damage). This lasts 1d6 turns. If you allow it, it will bite you again. The DC reduction is cumulative for a full day. At midnight, make a Will save (DC 10, reduced appropriately) or the Bhazir appears in your dreams, deity to assassins, snake worshippers and shapechangers. Unless you can entertain her (DC 15 skill check) she gives you a choice: convert to her faith (becoming Chaotic and gaining either backstab, poison immunity or ability to turn into a giant cobra with your own head, no spitting) or lose 2 points of Luck, idol vanishes, and you are cursed for double poison damage (lifted by experiencing life as a serpent for at least a day).

Master of Rituals
A fanatic among fanatics. His eyes shine with the light of true faith and countless unspeakable acts. He towers over others by a head. He would die for the Bull God, and certainly kill for it. Wears helmet made of a bull skull with horns, lacquered bone armor with several red feathers hanging from it, ceremonial cloak made of Crimson Tear flowers.
Note: always accompanied by one berserker.
+2 to everything except magic, AC 14, 22 hp
SP Lay on Hands (3/day): heals one HD
SP Dispersion Wave (1/turn): Everybody in a 30' cone takes 1d6 damage and is pushed away 30' (Reflex save for half; DC 12 unless you're pushed into something, then DC is 16). Each round during the next minute such a target decides to move closer to Master of Rituals, he takes an additional d6 damage (or 1 damage, if Reflex save was successful).
SP Sanguine Castigation, targeted (1/turn): A sudden surge of blood erupts from the target's orifices, causing 2d8 damage and blinding him for one round (DC 16 Fort save for half damage and no blindness)
SP Hold Person (1/turn): target must make a Will save (DC = d20+6) or be paralyzed for one minute

Gorelaugh (Minotaur)
His fur is missing in places, replaced with scar tissue and old marks of branding. He looks tired but attacks with the ferocious energy of the desperate and the mad.
d16 init; +3 to everything, AC 17, 22 (30) hp, Halberd +3 for 1d10+3
SP: 8 temporary hp each day

Drak (Giant Lizard)
An old beast, with gaping holes where its eyes should be. The agony of its maiming has left it vicious and hateful, and it ends its miserable existence in an apocalyptic rampage if it is given the chance.
d16 init; +3 to everything, AC 13, 35 hp, Bite +3 for 1d6+3
Tail Swipe: +3 for 1d4 non-lethal and prone (attacks up to three foes behind)

Velan (Centaur)
Something has changed this gentle creature into a blood-caked instrument of slaughter. Velan revels in bloodshed and brays deafeningly at the lives he takes. Piercing red light glares from the sockets of his smooth, featureless iron helmet.
+5 to everything, AC 15, 32 hp, Action d20+d16+d20 Spear +5 plus 1d3 Deed for 1d8+Deed, Shield bash 1d16+5 plus Deed for 1d4+Deed, front or back hooves +5 plus Deed for 1d6+Deed.

Conqueror’s Barricade (in 13): a gleaming golden disk (100 gp) etched with the faint outline of a sun, +1 shield that can transfer its magic to the weapon wielded for one turn a day.
Gharoom (in 13) is an iron helmet of superb craftsmanship and terrible aspect. Wearing the helmet, you become possessed by the evil spirit Gharoom, said to be the elite champion of Dread Emperor Morvas. Make a DC 8 Will save each round after killing a foe to keep hacking it to bits. The eyes emit a red glow and grant infravision. You gain a 1d3 Deed die for Deeds related to mutilation and gore (or gain +1d if you already have a Deed die). Should you ever decide to spare an enemy, you are struck unconscious for one turn, but the cursed helmet falls off.

Saskrat: taster chameleon :) default green for potable water, dark white for poison except orange for intoxication and red for other harmful effects, pink for healing, blue for alteration/transmutation, yellow for divination/charm, and turquoise if none of the above.

Starfall is a star metal two-handed maul dealing 2d6 damage.

Taegos is a gypsum stone. Five times you can say its name and it heats up. If dropped in a kettle or cauldron, the water boils in one minute. If held in hand, you become unaffected by hot temperatures, and you can attempt a Will save each time you would take fire damage to negate it. The DC is the same as the damage incurred. It works for one hour each time it is used.

Jaevelor’s Marvelous Pigments (allows you to paint a being that comes alive; enough paint for 2d6 tiny creatures or half as many for small or quarter as many for medium)
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Re: Conversion "The Red Prophet Rises"

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Random stuff (in 27, Hidden Alchemy Lab). Each character gets to make a d14 + Luck modifier roll. Allow a character to choose the next lower undiscovered result in place of a duplicate.
0 or less. A bottle with wet mud. Suddenly, it shoots out of the bottle and onto your clothes and armor, which swiftly set like concrete. You cannot move until broken out of your shell. Clothes are destroyed, armor takes a permanent -1 to AC.
1. You accidentally mix the contents of two bottles, creating a magical mishap. Roll 1d6 - a luck check allows a reroll. 1) You lose one ability point permanently. 2) Your mouth disappears for 1d6 hours. 3) You exude a cloying stench of roses for a full day. You attract unwanted attention from the opposite sex. 4) You sink screaming to the ground, triggering a wandering monster result. Once that is resolved, you stand up as if nothing has happened. 5) You turn into a giant rat. Make a Luck check each time you kill a man to return to normal. 6) There is an explosion, causing 1d8 damage. Everybody else in the room gets a DC 12 Reflex save for half damage. Apply the damage as a penalty to the three next rolls for random stuff.
2. A bottle with a sea ship in it. Ya…that's it. Watch the excitement die within your player’s eyes.
3. Trial Elixir. This potion is filled with brownish gas that pours out of the bottle and coalesces into an exact copy of the opener. Ask if anyone present is attractive to the opener. Unless one of these distracts the copy (DC 10 personality check) it attacks the original in melee for three rounds, before standing down to give advice on how to improve your fighting technique. If distracted, it moves to embrace the distractor. Afterwards, it provides advice to the opener on how to improve your social technique. If it is allowed to complete its mission, opener gains three dice (d4, d8, d12) to either melee combat or to social checks (with a +2d bonus vs the distractor). Each die works once. The copy remains one turn at most.
4. Potion of Gender Transformation. Roll 1d7 when drinking this potion. High rolls indicate masculinity. Low rolls indicate femininity. Rolling a 4 suggests alternative sexual identities. The potion transforms the body to match, and carries the power to invert ability scores as needed (3 becomes 18 and so on). The potion lasts from a week up until a year, depending how closely the result matches your existing body and mind. (A burly male warrior rolling a 1 would turn into a tiny girl warrior, but only for a week. The same warrior rolling a 7 would grow bigger and become more testosterone-driven for a full year).
5. Beaker of the Black Sands. When hurled, this black sand puts up a curtain of pure darkness, much like a Darkness spell, that lasts one hour. There are 1d6 pinches of sand.
6. A potion with purplish swirling mist. When opened it envelops the opener, turning him into gaseous form for 1d3 turns.
7. Potion of Emphatic Bond. Once drunk, you gain an emotional bond with up to 8 people you touch (DC 10 Will save if unwilling). You gain insight into all their dreams and desires. You instantly know if they are frightened, angry or in pain etc. This can be used for clever coordination within the party but also gives you a +10 modifier to social checks vs bonded characters. The connection lasts from one day if they feel grossly betrayed by you up to three weeks if they remain supremely confident in you.
8. A beaker with an unappetizing looking toadstool. If eaten, it magnifies your Strength, Stamina and Personality. While the mechanical effect is fixed (triple each modifier for 1d6 hours) you are free to decide descriptive changes to your character. A typical Warrior will grow bigger, become more muscular but possibly more dull and so on. A sorceress weak in body but strong in mind might become more slender and lithe, while at the same time growing more curvaceous and attractive.
9. Vial of the Blue Beetle. This bottle has a blue beetle flying around in it. When opened, the beetle flies in the opener's mouth. It allows the imbiber to fly for 3 turns, but they glow a brilliant blue.
10. Lump of lead giving a -5 check penalty to anyone carrying it. By spending a solid hour, you can hack out a lump of solid gold from its center. Roll 1d6 times 1d6 and multiply by twelve to find its value in gold pieces.
11. Jar of Pickled Centipede. When you reach 0 hp after eating this, you become a Giant Centipede as long as you are tall that bursts out of your falling body. (Pro Tip: Use this surprise to run to safety!) If you manage to stay alive in this new form until midnight, the centipede cocoons, and at dawn your original body emerges with 1 hp plus one hit die’s worth of healing for every humanoid body you consume before cocooning. If this hasn’t happened within 1-100 hours the centipede bursts out anyway at a time of the Judge’s choosing (the Judge rolls d100 secretly), dealing 3d12 damage to you. If this brings you to 0 hp, the effect is as above. Otherwise it is a regular monster that is very hungry.
12. Vial with powdered diamond dust (100 gp).
13. Pigments of the Succubus. When put on, it enhances your comeliness for one day and night (+2d to social checks vs a target that could find you attractive). Once during this time you may make a perform, persuade or seduce skill check and have that count as the spell check for a Charm Person spell.
14. Potion of Rebirth. When you drink this potion, you become pregnant with 1d3+1 copies of yourself. Each turn each pregnancy accelerates 1d7 months, the accumulated total increasing your check penalty. A pregnancy that reaches 9 months means you give birth to a fully grown but slightly changed copy of yourself - roll a new set of ability scores but keep level, class, sex, birth augur, memories etc the same. You all act at the same initiative. At midnight each night, each copy including the original must make a 1d8 roll (but you decide the order): 1: you turn to dust in a mere minute 2: your flesh sloughs off your bones killing you one turn later 3: you are consumed by beetles from within over the next hour 4) you turn brittle and no longer heal damage. Right before midnight the next day, you suddenly break apart into chunks that shatter into a million pieces. 5-8) you are unaffected and what’s more you may volunteer to “take” the roll of a copy that hasn't yet rolled. This procedure is repeated every midnight until there is only one copy left after all copies have rolled. At this point, you are now permanently playing the sole remaining copy, possibly with a new and improved set of ability scores.
15 or more. A Starting Potion. Roll 1d4: 1. Vigor, 2. Vitality, 3. Fate, 4. Your choice
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Re: Conversion "The Red Prophet Rises"

Post by CapnZapp »

Obsidian Serpent huge +0 to initiative; +7 to everything else, AC 17 except AC 13 vs blunt/cold, 50 hp, 2 attacks: bite +7 for 2d10 plus swallow whole and tail +7 for 1d6 and 2d6 poison save DC 13 for half. Partial magic immunity (any save DCs are halved). Regenerates 1d6 per round +1 per swallowed creature (one at start of combat: a dead female). SA obsidian shower, swallow whole
Shower of obsidian shards (once/day) against everyone within 60 ft. Make a special Reflex save, adding your AC. For each point you fall short of DC 27, one chunk of small needles of obsidian penetrate your skin (50% risk of causing 1 damage). While any such obsidian chunks of needles remain you are partially paralyzed (-2d to all actions). If you are hit by seven or more chunks (i.e. you did not make DC 21) you are completely paralyzed. You can automatically remove two chunks each round while another character can only remove one. No more than two chunks can be removed each round.
Swallow whole (once/round): On a successful attack, Serpent skips tail attack to makes a swallow attack +7 for no damage but target is swallowed whole. A swallowed creature takes 1d6 damage on each of its rounds from constriction/stomach acid. It can try to climb out (Strength check DC 22) or cut its way out with a small weapon (such as a dagger) by inflicting 15 points of damage against AC 17 (remember regeneration) but must otherwise be rescued (if the serpent is slayed you can be cut out or climb out)

Skeletons: +0 to everything; short bow special or short sword +0 for 1d6 damage; AC 9; hp 6; Act 1d20; SP un-dead, half damage from piercing and slashing weapons
Short bow: on a hit, no damage but arrow transforms into new skeleton that gets to make an immediate melee attack.
So skeletons need to be rushed in melee (to force skeletons to switch to melee weapons) or they could overwhelm the heroes.

Obsidian Spawn: +1 to everything, hp 4 ea, AC 11, Attack +1 bite for 1 damage and burrow. SA Burrow
Burrow: on a successful attack, spawn burrows under the skin with the same effects as a chunk of obsidian needles (see Obsidian Serpent's Shower of Obsidian Shards ability). If it is not removed or killed before it acts again, it burrows itself completely inside target's body, dealing 1 point of damage automatically each round. Now removal is not automatic anymore - instead you or someone else must hit AC 11 and deal you at least 1 point of damage in order to carve open the wound enough to expose the spawn to automatic removal (per shard, again above). Each round the AC and required damage increases by 1 (but most warriors will deal more damage even if using a dagger and abstaining from the Deed die). Remember the paralytic effects!

Area 31 is likely to result in the gruesome spectacle of a hero being eaten alive while she is cut open by her friends, especially if explored by a lone low-AC hero (i.e. a thief) so be careful!

Obsidian Skeletons: +3 to everything; 2 attacks: spear +3 for 1d8 damage and eye beam +3 for 1d8 XP loss (different target); AC 17; hp 4; SP construct, immune to non-magical weapons, immune to spells except blunt/cold, half damage from piercing and slashing weapons
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Re: Conversion "The Red Prophet Rises"

Post by CapnZapp »

After concluding the scenario, my own feedback is that mostly, the very simple statblocks are very nice and easy to use.

I would probably make a few more of the NPC magic-like abilities target an area/more PCs; do remember I'm running a troupe-style campaign where each character controls two heroes each (actually three, but only two are "active" at any given time, the third either rsting up back at the tavern or holding the torch for the main pair of heroes).

What I'm trying to say is with only 4-6 heroes (one per player) the single-target quality of the above abilities is probably fine as-is.
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