Corruption and lay-on-hands and other healing

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Corruption and lay-on-hands and other healing

Post by Mithras »

Last saturday the following happened: the Elf player rolled a 1 for her spell check and she got pizza-faced. The whole skin of her character crawls and bubbles like hot cheese in an oven. Neither of us tought on spending Luck because we don´t play often and I forgot the rule. Anyway, the cleric used lay-on-hands to heal organs meaning explicit healing her skin.

My question is: would you allow this? I´m aware that roleplaying wise it ist more interesting to live with the result. I´m also not so mean for not allowing retconning to spend a Luck point to reverse the corruption. But I´m unsure if the healing works like intended from the player of the Cleric.

What do you say?
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Re: Corruption and lay-on-hands and other healing

Post by GnomeBoy »

I'd think Corruption is an 'unplanned' interaction with the phlogiston. It's not a disease, but a fundamental change wrought by the immense powers of the phlogiston. Lay on Hands would not affect it, where it would affect a more usual skin disease.

I'd allow a retcon of the Luckburn while still learning how the game works.
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Re: Corruption and lay-on-hands and other healing

Post by Ravenheart87 »

I wouldn't allow it, that would be cheap. A quest for its removal is the bare minimum I would expect.
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