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MCC Resources for Your Game

Post by Melfast »

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Greetings Fellow Wasteland Wanderers!

What resources are there out there to help you enjoy and expand your MCC game? Glad you asked!

MCC Resources


Fight This Mutant, Jim Wampler, Mudpuppy Games ( ... his+mutant) -- Includes 31 new mutant creatures, and a new class -- the Neuromancer

Check This Artifact, Jim Wampler, Mudpuppy Games ( ... s-Artifact) – Includes 30 new artifacts, a new Patron AI -- The Overlord, and Jim Wampler's original playtest campaign-world map for Omega-Terra

Scientific Barbarian, Jim Wampler ( -- Issues 1 and 2 are out, and 3 just had a successful Kickstarter. These are great magazines, that typically have more than 80 pages of stories, creatures, options, adventures, reviews, and comics.

Enchiridion of the Computarchs, James A. Pozenel, Jr. ( ... omputarchs) – a set of variant rules for Shamans and other users of technological programs/magic

Goodman Games MCC Stuff (including 3PP):

Mutant Mayhem Minis – Character Folio, Dark Platypus games: ... ter-folio/ - a set of level 1 and level 3 pregens that cover all classes and genotypes in MCC. There are also a few new rules, and they make a mini for each of the characters in the book. (This is the only batch of level 1 and higher pregens I've found. It would be very helpful to see Con level 1+ pregens if anyone has some.)

Merchants of the Multiverse, Alex Dennis and Stefan Surratt of Dragon Peak Publishing. This is out to Kickstarter backers, and should soon be available at Drivethrurpg. This book has a varied group of seven merchants you could meet in Terra AD, a table of adventure seeds, rules for buying and selling artifacts, four new creatures, a new artifact weapon, four communities you could run into to trade, trade-related random tables, and a level 1-2 adventure.


Goodman Games
• MCC character sheets -- ... available/
• MCC Level 0 pregens for Museum at the End of Time -- ... gens-2.pdf
• MCC Free Preview: ... GC15PG.pdf

Artifacts of the Ancient Ones
• MCC Character Generator:
• MCC fillable character sheets: ... er_sheets/

Glowburn podcast –
• Podcast -- Glowburn-Mutant Crawl Classics RPG:
• Blog --

Glowburn Mutagenesis Show Notes -- ... ssics.html
• MCC Claws (a.k.a. Screamers) - Glowburn Episode 14
• MCC Graboids! (Glowburn Episode 15)
• MCC Mighty Deeds of Artifacts (Glowburn Episode 16)
• MCC Expanded and Customized Manimal Sub-type Table (Glowburn Episode 17)

Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2016 (
Crawljammer Articles that could be adapted or inspire
• The Techno-necromancer (Character class)
• Crawljammin’ on the Red Planet: a Barsoom Bestiary (new creatures)
• To Halls of Valhalla…And Back Again! (House rules for expanding planar travel)
• The Oblivion Syndicate and the Millennial Mead (Crawljammer Level 4)
• Inter-dimensional Portal Weirdness Die-Drop Table
• The Oculus: a Spacefaring Artifact for Crawljammer

Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2018 ( ... led-volume)
(you can also find the articles at the Authors blog:
• Alternate Trade Goods & Equipment for MCC
• Alternate Character Creation for MCC
• Alternate Mutants for MCC
• Alternate Manimals for MCC
• Alternate Plantients for MCC
• Alternate Human Classes for MCC: Bard, Paladin, Ranger,
• Alternative Technology Check for MCC
• Scribing Runes in MCC

Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2019 ( ... led-volume)
• 12,000 to One (Level 0) (DCC but adaptable to MCC, players start in a falling satellite)
• The Desert Gardens (Level 1)
• Life Finds A Way (Level 0)
• Haxors – Archaic Alignment for Shaman
• Computer Programs in DCC RPG - Early versions of what became the Enchiridion of the Computarchs
• Technological Mishaps - Wetware fumble table
• Malicious Code – Curses for technological games
• Exploit – Wetware Program
• Quarantine – Wetware Program

Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2020 ( ... umes-1--16)
• Moremen: The Mutants with More (new creature)
• Moremen, More Problems (Level 1-3) (short encounters)
• Dead Man’s Hand (Level 2)
• Spaced Out (Level 2)
• Scholar (Character Class)
• Mastermind (Character Class)
• Insectaur (Character Class)
• Geologian (Character Class)
• MCC: Items Found in the Dwellings of the Ancients (Junk Items to populate locations)
• Datum of the Computarchs – new wetare, independent of a Patron AI -- Decrypt/Decompile, Dynamo, Glitch
• Wetware of the Rock Gods – any Patron Ai can teach these to their Shaman: Stairway to Heaven, Magic Carpet Ride, Welcome to the Jungle, Silent Lucidity

Hardboiled GMShoe’s Office
• Interview with Jim Wampler about MCC: ... -classics/

Inspiration Strikes Blog: ... ssics.html
• Purple Pit of the Mole Men (Level 1)
• Nuts & Bolts #86 - Why Mutant Crawl Classics?
• Nuts & Bolts #126 - Mutant Crawl Classics - Repeater Bears
• Nuts & Bolts #132 - MCC - Random Weather Tables
• MCC Downtime & Development
• Nuts & Bolts #150 - Post Apocalyptic Exploration
• Nuts & Bolts #151 - Mutant Crawl Classics Scavenging Table
• MCC - New Mutation - Machiavellian Mind
• MCC - New Mutation - Kawaii
• MCC - Shroomer Character Class
• Nuts & Bolts #155 - MCC Genotype table
• Nuts & Bolts #156 - MCC - The Ecology of Spider-Goats

Polyhedral Nonsense
Mutant Crawl Classics – Hive of the Overmind – Monster Reference -- ... reference/

Purple Sorcerer Games
• MCC Level 0 character generator --

MCC character sheet: ... et-is-live

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm - 2020 Cyclops Con Special, Blind Visionary Publications ( ... on-Special) -- TftSW is mainly a DCC zine. Issues 1-2 are out on Drivethru. This issue has stats for the MCC Telepathic Rat, and everyone needs stats for their rat buddy!

They Might be Gazebos Blog: ... -classics/
• Wasteland Weather (gonzo weather table)
• The Sooper Dooper Ball (Artifact)
• Murderous Mutant Tomatoes (Level 1)
• Psychic Riding Cockroaches (New Creature)
• Mutated Dinosaur Skeletons (New Creature)
• Spell/Glow Burn Cheat Sheet
• Maggot Jerky and Fire Ants (New Creature)
• Chainsaw Locust (New Creature)
• Hacking the Cleric for Mutant Crawl Classics
• Hacking the Fighter for Mutant Crawl Classics
• Hacking Wizards for Mutant Crawl Classics
• Alternate Starting Occupations for Mutant Crawl Classics (Beta)

MCC overview and character creation:
MCC live stream from dungeonmasterdarren: Seeking the Post-Humans' part I and Part II ( ... ?query=MCC )
MCC live stream from dungeonmasterdarren: Hive of the Overmind, part I and II (
MCC live stream from 20 Sides of Every Story: Assault on the Sky-High Tower (
MCC live stream from Defenders of Kobold: Seeking the Posthumans (
MCC live stream from Defenders of Kobold: Omnivary of Edon (
MCC live stream from Defenders of Kobold: A Fallen Star for All part 1 and 2(

I'm sure I missed some, so share any other resources you've found or made!

Happy gaming...

- Melfast
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Re: MCC Resources for Your Game

Post by maceo_the_escher »

Probably need to add the Scientific Barbarian issues now too!
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Re: MCC Resources for Your Game

Post by Melfast »

Hey Maceo

You're right. I need to do an update for those great magazines and for the Merchants of the Multiverse.

If anyone has some other resources to share, please post them here for all of us to enjoy!

Happy gaming...

-- Melfast
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Re: MCC Resources for Your Game

Post by maceo_the_escher »

There was another Kickstarter recently that funded Unveiled Elisions by James A. Pozenel & Donn Stroud and Scions of the Computarchs. New Patron AI, a point-buy PSH class, mounts and more. It's still being worked on so I'm not sure when it will be available to non-backers but soon-ish. The Scions of the Computarchs portion is the start to a short series that will present new Patron AIs for MCC.

Link: ... hoda-press

Cryptocodex, critters for your apocalyptic aftermath game is also available now as a pdf after a successful KS. ... odex-D-MCC

Also the 2021 DCC Days product has a new MCC adventure in it if you can get your hands on a copy.
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