The Hall of the Scaled Emperor- May 8th

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The Hall of the Scaled Emperor- May 8th

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I finally joined up with the Road Crew by running my first public DCC game. It was something cooked up at home with some shamelessly stolen traps used to teach a bit of an old school mindset.

Despite my best efforts to advertise in-store, on the store's discord, and sending invites directly to folks I know, I had 1 player, a buddy of mine who drove an hour to join in.

Not to be deterred, he had his pick of pre-generated 1st level characters and a handful of good and proper 0 levels to serve as hirelings.

He started by asking if he could do a perception check and I inquired into exactly how he was searching the area and what he was looking for. I told him that your adventurer has a proper set of eyes and you'll only need to roll when I need you to.

In a short bit, he was getting the hang of it. "I'm going to have my orphan and my squire go down the opposite hallways and search the floors for any signs of damage or wear. I want to see if there are any pressure plates, tripwires or the like. After a quick scan, they'll try rolling some equipment across the floors."

His caution was quite appropriate as one of the rooms had been sealed by prior adventurers (it was filled with poison gas!). He left the door with the jammed cloth and wax doorway alone and paid more attention to the seemingly untouched door.

In here he found signs of a gas trap and was able to carefully remove some treasure without losing a man. His greed, however, got the better of him as he chose a few expendables to send into the other room. The orphan opened the door and his party began dying from the toxic gas. Immediately he removed all the characters he cared about! But of course, experiencing the new joys and strategies of having a few 0 levels meant that his Orphan was sent in to die for the cause.

His journey continued as he slowly lost his retainers to various tricks and traps, accumulating small bits of treasure along the way.

The skeleton fight was a must-flee situation, with the terrible undead serpent being far out of his league. Of course running deeper into the dungeon meant leaving that experience for later...

Later being later that session as he decided to return to town and try to seek out more help. I reminded him that there was no "fast travel" back out of the dungeon in this case and he proceeded with his plan to try and sprint past the skeletal beastie.

Alas, he gambled a bit on spellburn but his spell fizzled and was lost! He ran as fast as he could but the wizard had apparently skipped leg day.

All characters dead, the player got to use my DEAD stamp upon his fallen sheets and received a DCC quick-start that I had lying around my home office.

We had a blast and he was happy to regale how fun it felt once his brain switched out of "free info for rolling" mode.

I'll continue with my efforts to draft a proper merry party into dungeon delving.

-Judge Brian
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Re: The Hall of the Scaled Emperor- May 8th

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Sounds like a fun session!
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Re: The Hall of the Scaled Emperor- May 8th

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That is awesome! way to roll with it. & provide a fabulous model: I'm sort of intimidated by the open-table thing.
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