3rd party remake/revamp of older DCC modules?

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3rd party remake/revamp of older DCC modules?

Post by BanjoJohn »

So, DCC#1 and up to about #65 were not for the DCC RPG, but rather D&D/d20. I'm wondering if, much like how Goodman Games has republished old adventures in the "Original Adventures Reincarnated", Goodman Games might be willing to give materials and let some third party publishers revamp/republish their own original adventures, updated for DCC RPG? This might be a good idea, or a bad idea, who knows, hmm.
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Re: 3rd party remake/revamp of older DCC modules?

Post by Raven_Crowking »

Right now, there are DCC conversions of a few earlier GG adventures: Well of the Worm, Tower of the Black Pearl, Crypt of the Devil Lich, Dragora's Dungeon, and Curse of the Kingspire.
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