DCC RPG 2015 World Tour

The 2015 World Tour is over and done! Thank you to everyone who participated. Check back soon for more information on the 2016 world tour! 

Gamers, Judges, and Gods Old & New come forth!

This proclamation now and ever-living will be the decree of the Dark Master; for all those wishing to indulge in the proselytization of the purest form of gaming since the original game in 1974!

What can I do? Judge a game of Dungeon Crawl Classics this year, at a public venue. Advertise as you may, this will be a game where foot traffic will garner interest; whether at a con, game day, FLGS event, school club… even your local library! 

That’s right; let’s spread the joy of DCC by continuing this grass-roots movement as only Road Crew Judges can.

For those just learning, or our already enlisted grognards; there’s swag. Not just the same ‘ol swag, continue to check this page for updated awesome reward tiers for our esteemed Road Crew Judges, and their followers.

Looking to run official convention events as a Road Crew judge, and possibly rub shoulders with the henchmen of Goodman Games? Here’s your chance to do that, or game with the crew. Check Out:

Tour Dates

Dates Event Location
Jan. 9-11 Chupacabracon Austin, TX
Jan. 16-18 Genghiscon Denver, CO
Jan. 24 WinterCon Rochester, MI
Feb. 6-8 Marmalade Dog Kalamazoo, MI
Feb. 6-8 Owlcon Houston, TX
Feb 13-15 Orccon Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 15 L.A. ZineFest Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 19-21 Con Nooga Chattanooga, TN
Feb. 19-22 TotalCon Mansfield, MA
Feb. 19-22 Dreamation Morristown, NJ
Feb. 19-22 DunDraCon San Ramon, CA
Mar. 6-8 PAX East Boston, MA
Mar. 13-15 ConDor San Diego, CA
Mar. 20-22 CoastCon Biloxi, MS
Mar. 23 Gam3rcon Gam3day San Diego, CA
Mar. 26-29 GaryCon Lake Geneva, WI
Mar. 28 Zine Melt @ Meltdown Comics Los Angeles, CA
Apr. 3-5 ConGlomeration Louisville, KY
Apr. 12 Long Beach Zine Fest Long Beach, CA
Apr. 17-19 Who's Yer Con Indianapolis, IN
Apr. 17-19 1d4Con Martinsburg, WV
Apr. 17-19 Philly GamesCon Trevose, PA
Apr. 23-26 Kingdom-Con Mission Valley, CA
May 1-3 CincyCon Hamilton, OH
May 15-17  Sci-Fi Valley Con Altoona, PA
May 22-24 MOBICON Mobile, AL
May 22-25 Gamex Los Angeles, CA
May 22-25 KublaCon Burlingame, CA
May 28-31 Momocon Atlanta, GA
May 28-31 Phoenix Comicon Phoenix, AZ
May 29-31 UK Games Expo Birmingham, England, UK
May 30 Zine Melt @ Meltdown Comics Los Angeles, CA
Jun. 3-7 Origins Columbus, OH
Jun. 4-7 North Texas RPG Convention Fort Worth, TX
Jun. 20 Free RPG Day Everywhere
Jun. 25-28 Nexus Game Fair Milwaukee, WI
Jul. 1-5 DexCon Morristown, NJ
Jul 8-12 Gam3rcon San Diego, CA
Jul. 24-26 KantCon Kansas City, KS
Jul 30-Aug. 2 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN
Aug 7-9 Kansas City Comic Con Kansas City, MO
Aug 8 MichiCon Rochester, MI
Sep 4-6 Gateway Los Angeles, CA
Sep 4-7 Pacificon Santa Clara, CA
Sep. 25-27 Grandcon Grand Rapids, MI
Oct. 9-11 Necronomicon Tampa, FL
Oct. 15-18 Con on the Cob Hudson, OH
Oct 16-18  Big Bad Con Oakland, CA
Oct. 23-25 TsunamiCon Wichita, KS
Nov. 6-8 Gamehole Con Madison, WI
Nov. 7-8 Rocky Mountain Con Denver, CO
Nov. 13-15 Mepacon Scranton, PA
Nov. 20-22 U-Con Ypsilanti, MI

Want to add your event to the tour? No problem! E-mail us with the date, time, and location of your event; an online link to the event; and your contact info. Tell us at least 30 days before your event. That will give us time to ship out your cool swag. If it is a convention, let us know that too – we will send out badge ribbons as available. We encourage you to run online games, but they don't qualify for the swag.

How to report your road crew games: As you rack up more and more killer games under your belt, feel free to send us your game reports. We love reading all of the great exploits and feedback from the games you support us so awesomely with! When emailing us, please include a history of the games you have run for the year ongoing within your message; along with your newly reported game. In the “history”, it need not be an exhaustive detail; merely something akin to Game#, Location, Venue, Adventure, & Player Count. This aids us in properly keeping track of your exploits, and helps us know how much gaming is happening where for future projects.

“Swag” status: As each of our world tours heats up (does it ever really cool down?? NO!) we want to let our Road Crew judges know that we really appreciate your time and energy that goes into each and every game you run. As part of the rewards system, the swag we send out becomes in higher and higher demand as the game grows. In some periods, we run out of stock of certain components of some tiers. If this occurs, we will hold your shipment of swag until the whole tier is available to ship. We will diligently keep your exploits on file, and send out your goods as soon as they are humanly (or otherwise) available.

International fans: You can also participate in the road crew! We still offer swag for free. To mitigate overseas shipping costs, we must charge you actual cost for international postage. The international swag pack includes 3x the 1-game set (as described below), with one change to reduce postage costs: it only has 1x 0-level character sheet pad, and 2x pencils. This reduces postage cost to $13.75 Canada, $18.15 Mexico, and $20.45 rest of world. If you would like to order international swag, use the buttons below!

Canada Road Crew
Mexico Road Crew
International Road Crew


The DCC Swag

Here’s the nitty gritty: The more games you run, the more you get!

Game 1: Run your first game of 2015, and get everything you need to slaughter herd a crew of 0th level costermongers, beadles, squires and barristers (among others)! You’ll convert them all with 7 screaming Hugh head buttons, 7 mechanical pencils, 7 DCCRPG cover stickers, 7 Bookmarks (with dry erase character sheets on the back!), 7 DCC Skull temporary tattoos, and of course a pad of 50 0th level character sheets to find out what plucky cheese maker actually survived. (No guarantees for surviving inter-dimensional travel) 

Game 3: By your 3rd game of 2015, you’ll be shipped out a pad of Dungeon Crawl Classics graph paper to keep all the secrets of your custom death chambers, forgotten tombs, and that cult headquarters that somehow popped up in your cutthroat’s backyard… (What were they thinking?); don’t forget 7 sticky note pads to pass notes letting the cleric know just how mad his deity is with him, and Sezrekan’s own note pad (reproduction, of course)

Game 5: 5th Game? Why, it’s time to party like it’s 1974! You and your crew of old-school gamers get a package of 7 DCC Bottle/Can cozies (Updated colors!), and a sweet high-grade embossed decal of the demon skull logo.

Game 7: You are well on your way to earning a title, just like those Halfling “sheriffs”. You will have earned this awesome DCC trucker cap, in groovy red on white.

Game 9: A DCC RPG t-shirt! Wear it to your high school reunion so they know exactly who they’re dealing with!

Game 11: This belt buckle is not conclusively proven to ward off evil magics, but we’re pretty sure it does.

Interested in last year’s tour? You can view last year’s tour info here!