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Re: The Goodman Games Forums Are Closing

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Also, FWIW, Joseph, closing the forums will be a huge advertising loss for DCC and GG. In these forums are tons of text references to module titles which still direct people to learn more about the world of DCC RPG, even if the forums aren't as active as they used to be with new posts.

Even this thread itself, from 2 months ago, has 30,356 views as of right now. Some of those are bots and spiders, but a lot of them are humans. Over time, those views add up and reflect how valuable the threads are in here as references for obscure points in various modules and things, and again, pulling them from the Internet will be a really big loss.

If there's any way to migrate them anywhere else, I think it would be highly beneficial to all. There are lots of ways to migrate phpBB forums like this one: ... cal&ia=web
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