Where to Print a Self-Published OSR Module?

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Where to Print a Self-Published OSR Module?

Post by herecomethejudge »

Hi all, I have an OSR module I've been working on, and I'm thinking of publishing it in digital/PDF form as well as print (basic B&W with glossy cover, no collectible gold foil or anything). Can anyone give some leads on where to get the physical modules printed and what typical costs per unit might be? IDK how many I'd be getting printed...50? 100?
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Re: Where to Print a Self-Published OSR Module?

Post by BanjoJohn »

Lulu is one place I have used before. I've only printed single books there myself, but you could be able to check it yourself to see how much a bigger run might be.
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Re: Where to Print a Self-Published OSR Module?

Post by BASH MAN »

Are these for commercial sale? Lulu might be a good source, but were you planning to also sell this as a PDF? If so, you might consider DriveThruRPG and make it also available as Print on Demand. Given the length of the product, you can probably pack a bunch in a shipment via "Media Mail" for cheap shipping, and bulk printing gets a discount, too.

Depending on size formatting, you might also consider using a printer that people use for publishing Zines that might work for this size of an order.
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