Kwanchai's Character Sheet

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Kwanchai's Character Sheet

Post by Kwanchai »

First time posting here! :D

Switched over to DCC this year, and it's been a blast. I wanted to share the character sheet I drew and have been using for my group.

pdf link, if anyone interested --> ... sp=sharing

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Re: Kwanchai's Character Sheet

Post by ctaylor »

Thanks, Kwanchai! That's fantastic.
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Re: Kwanchai's Character Sheet

Post by Blood Axe »

Nice!!! A cool character sheet that doesn't eat too much ink.
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Re: Kwanchai's Character Sheet

Post by bat »

Amazing, thank you for sharing.
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Re: Kwanchai's Character Sheet

Post by Fuzzbang »

Does anyone have this pdf file? The link is now broken and I would love to get the high res version of this sheet. Thanks!
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Re: Kwanchai's Character Sheet

Post by TTTWLAM »

What Fuzzbang said--can we get a new link?
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Re: Kwanchai's Character Sheet

Post by GnomeBoy »

You can reach out to members, if you so choose...
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Re: Kwanchai's Character Sheet

Post by Bobjester »

Email to Kwanchai sent!
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