Psionic monsters abilities in Realms of Crawling Chaos

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Psionic monsters abilities in Realms of Crawling Chaos

Post by BaophraT »

I wasn't sure where to post this message as it refers to a supplement which is not part of the DCC range. It's called "Realms Of Crawling Chaos" and was designed for Labyrinth Lord. I'm just finishing writing a module using some of the things in this supplement and I have some questions about psionic powers. I'm wondering how long the effects of psionic powers last. As Michael Curtis was involved in the creation of this product, perhaps he'll read this message and be able to enlighten me on this point ? More generally, I'm interested in your views on psionic powers in DCC.
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Re: Psionic monsters abilities in Realms of Crawling Chaos

Post by Bobjester »

Forgive my late reply, since my email notifications haven't worked in months, so I am just now seeing 38 such notifications here at the forums!

Are you familiar with Mutant Crawl Classics? It uses Mental Mutations that act just like Magic spells in DCC - the same format, the same system, etc., except they call them Mental Mutations, can be lost by rolling a Nat 1, are augmented not by Spellburn, but by "Rad Burn" (radiation burn), etc.

I suspect that Psionics could also be more prevalent in other science fiction/science fantasy DCC compatible games like Star Crawl (it uses Psyker powers & are organized the same as DCC spells).

You can simulate psionics without access to these other games by changing the name of a spell to a psionic ability. Drawing on what I recall from Traveller psionics (Original Traveller that is) the main psionic powers included talents like Telekinesis, Telepathy, Empathy, & Bodily Control, but I think I am forgetting a couple.

Building off these as base talents, Telekinesis should be a pre-req for Pyrokinesis or Cryokinesis, while Bodily Control & Transmutation are categorically the same set of psionic talents.

TL;DR: Psionics is just a more pseudo-scientific categorization of magic spells. ;)

Good luck!
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