Extended and Advanced Character Starting Occupations

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Extended and Advanced Character Starting Occupations

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Well Met Fellow Travelers on the Waste

MCC Extended and Advanced Occupations Tables

https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ak88KIALsgrVifp_pbB ... w?e=7hsF9o

MCC assumes a Neolithic civilization level, but the starting occupations provided are more Paleolithic in nature, better befitting a small tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers living in temporary settlements as they searched for food.

The key innovation of the Neolithic Age was the development of agriculture. The increased supply of food from farming allowed some people to stop farming altogether and focus on a specific skill that could be traded for food. Also, tamed and domesticated animals provided Neolithic people with resources such as milk, meat, and leather.

Within the game world, we could also expect that some Neolithic tribes / communities, aided by artifacts and technology discoveries, would be more advanced, have larger villages, and develop even more specializations.

If Judges want more variety for starting character occupations than the table in the MCC Core Book, at the link above is a PDF with three alternative starting occupation tables.

Modified: The first is basically the starting MCC occupations modified with slightly different starting equipment, and it is appropriate for a tribe of hunter-gatherers (Paleolithic).

Extended: I recommend instead that you use the second table, the Extended Occupations table, which is appropriate for your typical MCC tribe with a stable village and rudimentary agriculture and animal domestication.

Advanced: The last table is for a more advanced tribe, such as the one in the “Seeking the Post-Humans” level-0 funnel.

In these tables, starting characters get a random occupation, weapon (considered trained), and trade good. They also get a waterskin and 3 days of rations appropriate to their genotype. These tables replace the level-0 occupations in Table 1-2, and the beginning equipment (knife, and waterskin) on pp 16-17 of the MCC Core Book.

New characters also get to roll twice on Table 1-4: Additional Beginning Equipment in the MCC Core Book as normal (p 18).


These tables took inspiration from the Primitive Occupations table in Appendix A of the DCC adventure “Frozen in Time” by Michael Curtis (DCC #79) – where I learned about flintknappers.

“Frozen in Time” would make a great MCC adventure with some changes, so it is a good one to pick up for MCC and DCC.

Happy gaming...

-- Melfast
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Re: Extended and Advanced Character Starting Occupations

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Thanks for posting. I'll have to check them out.
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Re: Extended and Advanced Character Starting Occupations

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Thank you sir. I'm getting my poop in a group and using a different setting than Terra AD. This will help a bunch.
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